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Who we are

Since 1987, our team has been committed to protecting our clients’ best interests, providing friendly, expert legal advice and ensuring we care both professionally and personally for your life long needs. Our experienced team has combined over 200 years of experience and we are ready, willing, able and happy to help you with any of your legal needs!

Valeriya is our newest addition to our Vanulaw team specializing in Corporate/Commercial, Estates and Real Estate Law.



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Our FRIENDLY, APPROACHABLE LAW FIRM can talk to you in your first language; French, Filipino, Korean, Mandarin, Russian or of course English!

How we can help you

Real-Estate & Land Development

Need assistance with your Purchase and/or Sale, including your private transaction, Mortgage and more? We can help!


Let us represent and protect you and your business.

Wills/Powers of Attorney/Estates

We will help you prepare and take care of your personal wishes and family assets.

Land Development/

We are experienced, local lawyers with extensive knowledge in creating residential building lots and subdivisions, condominium plans and applying to sever land.

 Initial Consultation


We invite you to Download this ‘Kit’ to start documenting your confidential, personal wishes and assets. Take the first step towards completing your Will and Power of Attorney and plan your Estate!
Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

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What our clients say

“I have known and worked with Tim Vanular for the last 20 years and can only say that my experience with him, his office and team have been only exceptional in every way.”

Dean Yorke
 State Farm